42 Years of Dance Productions!

Every year in June, Heartland Dance Studio hosts a Dance Production. We strive to make each year unique, magical, and heartfelt for both our dancers and audience members alike. The stories for Heartland's shows are chosen for their adventure and characters, but also for the meaning behind them. They have to represent Heartland's ideals of kindness and family: through all the toils and crossroads, we must reach the conclusion that one must see the world not as it is, but as it could be. We love putting our own twist on classic stories!

Our shows are Fairy-tale based with narration (often live!).
Past productions have included such classics as CinderellaSleeping BeautyLittle Red Riding HoodAlice In Wonderland, and most recently The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!
In February, we'll start gearing up for the show. Class structure will start to include our Instructor's choreography, though we'll always continue to work on technique. Learning the dances for the production is a great way to practice new steps, musicality, and working together as a group.

Heartland was founded in 1977 by Nancy Gordon, who is still teaching with us today! Classically trained in both Ballet and Modern Dance, it was her dream to create a dance studio where everyone would feel welcomed and encouraged -
a studio focusing on the joy of dance! 

About Pinocchio:

The original story of Pinocchio, written by Carlo Collodi, was published in Italy in 1883.
This story follows the adventures of Pinocchio, a wooden marionette brought to life by magic. A delightfully curious character, Pinocchio is the embodiment of childhood innocence - truly pure at heart but lacking the experience to make good choices.

Through Pinocchio's encounters with several outlandish characters, and always guided by the unseen Fairy, he learns the difference between right & wrong, the value of family, and what it means to be "real". A heartwarming tale, full to the brim with morals just as valid now as they were when Pinocchio was written. We're thrilled to give our Heartland spin to this unforgettable classic!

Opening Night

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Heartland Dance Studio is a nonprofit organization founded in 1977. Our studio offers opportunities for dancers of all ages and levels to explore their creativity and capacity to respond to music through dance. Individuals in dance learn to focus, concentrate, and follow directions while making new friends in a healthy atmosphere.

June 2019 marks our 42nd annual dance production!
As we prepare for this inspiring event, we need your support to help make our production of Pinocchio successful. Please consider becoming a sponsor! Your support helps in the sharing of expenses such as theater rental, prop design & construction, and set design & construction. Most importantly, it helps provide dancers and crew of all ages with a loving and caring atmosphere to spread their love of dance to the community, as well as the opportunity to perform in a live production.

Sponsors will receive the following benefits:
• In-program advertisements for your business, seen by nearly 3,000 audience members.

• Curtain speech acknowledgment for Platinum Sponsors

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