Pinocchio: June 21st - 7:00pm

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Pinocchio: June 21st - 7:00pm

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About Pinocchio:

The original story of Pinocchio, written by Carlo Collodi, was published in Italy in 1883.
This story follows the adventures of Pinocchio, a wooden marionette brought to life by magic. A delightfully curious character, Pinocchio is the embodiment of childhood innocence - truly pure at heart but lacking the experience to make good choices.

Through Pinocchio's encounters with several outlandish characters, and always guided by the unseen Fairy, he learns the difference between right & wrong, the value of family, and what it means to be "real". A heartwarming tale, full to the brim with morals just as valid now as they were when Pinocchio was written. We're thrilled to give our Heartland spin to this unforgettable classic!

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